Good News! I’ve moved the site successfully to it’s new server, here at Jon’s Hobby Lasers.  The big problem with multiple sites under one domain is that it’s difficult to track statistics and other things. I always like to see if my posts are interesting to folks and make sure I am posting stuff that is worth reading.

I’ve been working here and there on the copper vapor laser, I’ve received some neon transformers to use for the capacitor charging supply, I’ve integrated the process controller with a thermocouple and heating element and have been experimenting with that a bit. I don’t like the positioning of the heating element in the tube furnace I’ve built so I might look at some other options as well, but nothing worth talking about at the moment.  I’ve cut the quartz tubing for the bore and started to manufacture the tube ends out of copper pipe fittings.  Right now I’m looking for a good seal between the copper pipe and the quartz tube. One idea is to use a stack of Viton o-rings between the copper tubing’s inner diameter, but I’m also checking to see what other options I have.

Once I finalize these parts the next big step is to put together the charging supply, capacitor and interrupter. I will provide details and photos as things move along, so please check back occasionally.

As always, I welcome input and conversation on this project so please feel free to comment below.

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