Welcome to my new and improved laser website.  If the content looks thin, please check the Original Laser Site.   I am in the process of moving over a lot of the content to put it in a more dynamic context and to hopefully allow for more frequent updates as I work on getting a few new projects fired up this summer like the big Argon Ion laser, and a research nitrogen laser I received several years ago.

On this site you’ll find updates about my laser projects but I will also be sharing other news about lasers, laser technology and other laser projects, be they commercial, research or personal for you to follow along with.  Hopefully when in full swing this site will provide you with near endless information about all different types of lasers and laser applications and encourage your experimentation into the hobby.   While the general ‘laser hobby’ seems to have declined a lot over the past few years I still believe there are those who are willing to learn, experiment and grown their own personal mindset.  Some lasers are easily built, while others are more of a challenge, but also more rewarding.

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