I have taken on the management of the Laser, Optics and Holography WebRing and plan on promoting and extending it’s reach to more Laser Hobbyist and Professional sites which contain learning, informative or interesting information.  Additionally I would like to promote lasers, optics and holography as a hobby to everyone and generate more interest, and in turn more personal web pages devoted to lasers, optics or holography as a member of the WebRing.

Please stay tuned as I feel this will be a relatively strong community in the laser circle and I hope you will all join me and follow along with our member pages.  I will be carefully verifying websites who join up for membership. The rules are simple.  Laser content, you’re a go, no laser content, or a simple laser links page, no-go!

If you have a current page of your laser, optics or holography work in a hobby or professional sense, we’d love to have you in the ring, and it only requires a little modification of your current web site.  Please go to this link to join the WebRing, if you don’t have a membership with WebRing.com it only takes a few moments to setup, and traffic will immediately begin to flow to your page so your thoughts and information can be shared with like minded people.

I decided to assume management of the WebRing as it was abandoned 4 years ago and stagnating. It has been around for many years and was founded by Flavio S. Due to a personal disagreement with how the WebRing site was wrong he dropped his management role.  4 years later I have picked it up and want to make it something he, myself and all of us can be proud of belonging to.

All references to NightLase will eventually be phased out, unless he wishes to rejoin then it will be another site in the ring. This is not in spite, just simply that NightLase no longer applies to the ring in it’s current form and we must move on to continue grabbing peoples minds and inventive spirits into these wonderful hobbies.

You may notice that I do not have a Laser, Optics and Holography link block on this site. This is a new site, still in transition and the link block can be found on my Original Laser Site along with the link block.

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