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Hi there Kristan, the best thing I’ve found invaluable in my pursuit of high-voltage experimentation has been the support and awestruck look of others 😀 It’s hard to say for any person though as there’s always something specific they may have in mind to work on. Most high voltage equipment is expensive and has a particular use, so unless you’re involved with his experimentation it would be hard to say. One idea you might try is to research some high voltage or high energy physics labs in your area and tell them what your husband does and see if they could arrange a special tour for him. Check with the electric companies and subsidiaries, or if you have any colleges contact their high energy physics labs if they have one. I’m sure you could find some unique and interesting ‘presents’ for a HV loving husband. Best of luck :)

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Cyonics / Uniphase SLT-30 Air-Cooled Argon Hi Arty,
Check on eBay, they seem to come from some sort of large commercial laser printing equipment and show up from time to time. There are a surprising number of them out there, do an ebay search for them, …

Co2 Laser Diagrams The gas from the laser is vented. To re-use it you would need a gas processing plant or something along those lines, certainly not in the range of the home hobbyist :)

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Co2 Laser Diagrams Not very long but it depends on the complexity of your system and how much experience you have with these kind of projects.

If you’re new to it you’re likely to have issues with the ‘little details’ on the …

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85W Co2 Laser Project Hi I don’t have any information on gas mixes for sealed type Co2 lasers. Commercial producers of sealed Co2 lasers use a catalyst inside the laser tube along with proprietary gas mixes to ensure long lived tubes. Without the catalyst …

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65W Merrimack Co2 Laser Hi Ruth,
There is no hole in the output coupler, it is totally solid. The picture you see with the hole in the center is without the output coupler installed. …

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