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Copper Vapor Laser UpdateHi.

I would guess that you have a pretty good chance with just the fiber and endcaps. You only need to reach about 400 or 430 C if you have CuBr, and only a wee bit hotter (if at all) for CuCl. Please keep this up, and please continue to post about it.

I’m working on a different sort of copper vapor laser, and will post if and when I get anywhere with it. In the meanwhile, though, I’ve worked up a relatively easy flashlamp-pumped dye laser, and I’ve already posted about that — (with 3 followup pages).

(If Keymaster wants a relatively straightforward laser, I would probably recommend a nitrogen laser pumping a homebrew cuvette of dye. Not hugely expensive, not hugely powerful, not hugely difficult. Jarrod Kinsey has worked up some really easy DIY room-pressure nitrogen laser designs, and you can see some of his work at or on YouTube, where he posts as “magx1” if I remember correctly.)

Best wishes for continued success —

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