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Copper Vapor Laser UpdateHeya Keymaster, your ‘nick/screenname’ is that of an old friends! :) The laser isn’t that expensive to construct, and I could have done it much more cheaply for a CuCl/CuBr version. If you spend more than 500USD on this laser I would be surprised. All of the components for a generic CuCl/CuBr laser are pretty basic and don’t require a large investment at all.

I am still in the process of building it, and have met some difficulties as the metal lining for my tube furnace warped and now will no longer meet smoothly. This could be avoided by any number of alternate methods of construction, and I may try to find a solution for this furnace, but for the CuBr/CuCl version I will probably go with a much simpler design involving just the wool and endcaps with no ceramic mortar.

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Co2 Laser Diagrams The gas from the laser is vented. To re-use it you would need a gas processing plant or something along those lines, certainly not in the range of the home hobbyist :)

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Co2 Laser Diagrams Not very long but it depends on the complexity of your system and how much experience you have with these kind of projects.

If you’re new to it you’re likely to have issues with the ‘little details’ on the …

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High Voltage Capacitor Discharge Videos I have the tape somewhere but my mini-DV Camcorder died so I’ve not been able to pull the video from it :( I used to have it on the computer somewhere but lost it in the great ’03 hard drive …

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