About This Page

Welcome to my laser page.   This page is something I have assembled on my spare time, so that others involved with lasers can see what I have been doing, and ask questions, or provide suggestions about what I am doing.  I’m currently in the process of converting the old laser page to a more dynamic interface to allow me to update it more often as I expect to be diving back into this rewarding hobby.

I wish more intelligent people would get involved with hobbies, it seems these days it’s too easy to say ‘I have no time’ as an excuse to be lazy and not get involved with anything that involves learning.  I guess that’s a result of the instant gratification of the last 20 years.   Okay, so I can’t force anyone to find a hobby, all I can do is tell you how much fun and how rewarding it is to see something you have created come to life, or just to be proud of something you have achieved.  Be it stamp collecting, or building a home-made super collider, the rewards can be equal.

I’m obviously into lasers, but I also do electronics as a second hobby.  I have been into anything dealing with electricity since I was a kid, tearing apart broken equipment, seeing how it works.  I constructed my first laser, in kit form, in my early teens.  The laser was actually a HeathKit helium-neon communications kit which consisted of a helium neon tube, high voltage supply, and circuitry to modulate  laser beam.   The receiver was a small box with a solar cell which you pointed the beam at, and consisted of a couple of op-amps,. and speaker.

There was a lull in my laser fascination as I got into computers and electronics a little deeper.  Recently when I found out that a civilian could get a hold of higher power lasers, and with enough ingenuity and science you could build your own, I was reignited with a fire(plasma?)  for lasers.  Quite honestly I found that the red dot from a helium-neon laser, or a diode pointer was boring after a while.   Although they still do find their uses for my hobby for other purposes.

There have been many people who are in the field of lasers who have been very helpful with my projects and friendly to me personally, some have gone far out of their way to help me with these things and in my learning.   I appreciate all the information and time people have spent helping me out, and hope one day I will have enough knowledge to be able to provide the same information to other  laser enthusiasts.

Please enjoy the site, and as always, feel free to send feedback, comments, and questions to me from the ‘Contact’ page or link.  This page is never complete in any sense, things will always be changing and updated from time to time.